Londono’s Coffee farm enjoys a prosperous production cycle with two harvests that continuously bolster our beans’ distinctive flavor. Our primary harvest, taking place from September to December, supplies us with roughly 70% of the annual yield, while an additional mini-harvest in May through July provides the remaining 30%.

Londono’s coffee boasts a tantalizing taste that stems from perfect timing. The beans are harvested at their peak ripeness and undergo special fermentation techniques in specially designed tanks, creating an unforgettable flavor experience.

By fermenting the coffee beans, we can unlock a variety of intricate flavors and aromas that indeed come alive when exposed to heat in the roasting process. After fermenting each fruit, we thoroughly clean and dry them before putting the beans through a rigorous three-step selection process to guarantee you receive only the best quality coffee. Our commitment to excellence is unmistakable as we meticulously handpick every single bean that goes into roasting and, eventually, your mug of coffee.

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