Meet our Master Roaster

At Londono’s Coffee, we take a lot of pride in crafting the perfect blend. We owe part of our success to Primo—our beloved Master Roaster and head honcho at roasting up delicious specialty blends! Meet Mauricio ‘Primo’ Londono today and taste firsthand why his expert touch makes all the difference.

As Mauricio grew up immersed in coffee culture, his rebellious teenage years left him indifferent to what was once a beloved family tradition. However, it wasn’t until he embraced the power of proper brewing that this Colombian native learned how to appreciate the taste and aroma of coffee truly.

In 2014, Mauricio embarked on a creative journey with his father, an experienced local craftsman and carpenter. Together they entered Colombia’s national design competition to showcase their unique furniture pieces crafted from coffee wood. The duo achieved success, claiming the coveted prize for their inspiring designs!

After receiving this prestigious award, the National Federation of Coffee Growers in Colombia approached Mauricio and his father for their expertise. The following year they were asked to work on a project that would surely make an impact. It involved building an exhibition booth for the Cafes of Colombia Expo, one of the most renowned specialty coffee fairs throughout Latin America. At the Bogota expo, Mauricio could finally return to his roots and explore the coffee culture. And as they say, it changed his life forever, now celebrated by all around him.

With a dream of sharing his family’s exquisite, artisanal coffee with the US market, Mauricio Londono launched an inspiring journey into fields related to the industry. Through several years he unraveled facets such as cupping/tasting and barista work before mastering roasting and harvesting techniques too.

In 2018 he made a move here from Colombia, where in 2020, alongside his cousin and business partner, Diego A. Londono, co-founded ‘Londono’s Coffee Crafts’ based in Miami, Florida. This business has spent recent years providing high-quality coffees for restaurants & cafes all over the United States - now accessible directly via their consumer e-commerce website.

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