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For generations, we have been dedicated to crafting the finest coffee experience. Our expert team of farmers carefully hand-selects only the best beans. At the same time, our state-of-the-art facility in Miami provides local roasting that enhances its superior flavor and aroma.

Our Products

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Get your daily dose of freshly roasted coffee delivered right to you every month* at a fantastic price.

Our subscription service provides an effortless and delicious way to enjoy the freshest coffee delivered right to your door.

Start now by selecting some of our excellent coffees, number of bags desired per delivery and preferred frequency – all while sitting back and relishing every sip.

*Subscriptions run monthly.

How Does It work?

Please browse our selection of specialty coffees and discover your perfect brew.
Choose the number of bags you want to be delivered each month, and select a delivery frequency (Bi-monthly or monthly).
On the payment page, input your payment details, and finalize your order to complete your purchase and start your subscription service.
We will ship your delicious coffee to you on or around the date of your choosing.


About Us

The Londono Family has been devotedly refining their coffee-making techniques in Colombia for an entire century and a half.
In maintaining the traditional practices, we have attentively grown our coffee farms over time with the utmost care – renowned for its zesty citrus and fragrant floral flavors that dance upon your taste buds to produce delightful notes of chocolate and caramel.
Come savor this extraordinary sweetness right away!


El Encanto

The renowned Londono Family coffee farm, “Finca El Encanto,” is nestled in the heart...



Londono’s Coffee farm enjoys a prosperous production cycle with two harvests that...


Meet our Master Roaster

At Londono’s Coffee, we take a lot of pride in crafting the perfect blend. We owe part…

Our Roasting Facility & Venue

At Londono’s Coffee Crafts, we’ve created a state-of-the-art roasting and grinding facility in Miami, Florida, to ensure that your coffee is always prepared with the utmost care. We not only source the finest coffee beans, but also roast them to perfection using our advanced and time-honored techniques.
  • Exclusive use of our state-of-the-art meeting space at our roasting facility

  • 2500 SF of meeting space equipped with AV equipment and SONOS sound system

  • Table seating for up to 25 guests

  • Full-service coffee bar with barista service for the duration of meeting/reunion

  • Customized experience tailored to your individual needs

Our Mission

To provide you with the finest cultivation practices and roasted on demand coffees. From harvest to harvest, we are committed to being a sustainable and earth-friendly operation while consistently bringing you only the best tasting cup of coffee. We proudly stand by our products and know you will, too. 
We proudly stand by our products and know you will, too.

The Barista Corner

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Londono's Coffee has been passed down through three generations of Colombian coffee farmers, who founded their farms in the heart of the country’s coffee region 150 years ago.
Londono's Coffee Crafts is renowned and admired for its delightful citrus and floral flavors, as well as its one-of-a-kind sweetness that brings out notes of chocolate goodness and delicious caramel.
If you have any queries or are interested in partnering with us, get in touch today.